Picture of Deco Smell Candles
Hey, i am erwin, i am not very good at english, so i hope you can understand it.
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Step 1: Things You Need

Picture of Things You Need
You will need:
A knife
An orange
A hobbyknife
A small candle
A lighter
And a spoon

Step 2: Begin!!!

First cut the orange in 2 with the big knife, then you can eat one half of it. You will need that half, so don't destroy it. If you are finished you have to cut a circle in the bottom.

Step 3: And Then

Picture of And Then
photo-18-10-13 16:12.jpg
photo-18-10-13 16:12.jpg
photo-18-10-13 16:12.jpg
photo-18-10-13 16:12.jpg
Now you can make a small drawing in the empty half. That is nice when de candle is in there. And it can take air from outside. Now look if the small candle fits in the small hole of the orange, if it doent, just make the hole bigger.

Step 4: Finishing Touch

Now your under part is done. Let's see if the candle burns with the upper part on the under part. Hey it goed out. If this happens to you too, your drawing is too small but don't worry!!! Make a small hole in the upper part so the candle can take air. Let's try it again. Yay!!! It works. Noe you have your awesome orange smelling deco candle!!!