Picture of Deconstructed Cheese Ball
To me, appetizers and finger foods should be beautiful. Something people want to pick up, eat right away and be delighted when they taste it.

Everyone I know, including myself, loves cheese ball, however, it is a bit unattractive in its ball form rolled in nuts. I deconstruct the cheese ball when I want an elegant look which is great for a dinner party.

These cheese ball bites are very easy to make. You will need a sharp knife to dice the veggies very small.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
You will need to following ingredients:

1 baguette - sliced into 1/4 inch pieces
4 oz cream cheese - whipped is best for this application
1/4 onion - finely diced
1/4 red bell pepper - finely diced
1/4 orange bell pepper - finely diced
2 oz monterey jack or cheddar cheese - sliced in thin strips
4-5 olives - finely diced
8-10 walnut halves - sliced in thin strips
6 slices salami - sliced in thin strips

There isn't an exact recipe for these. Use what veggies you have (and love) in the fridge. Mix and match what ever you want! I made these for a few people who don't love spice but diced jalapeno peppers would be really yummy!

If you don't want to cut out bread rounds you could also use crackers.

Step 2: Slice Bread

Picture of Slice Bread
From your baguette cut 1/4 inch slices. Using a cookie cutter or a small rimmed glass cut out rounds. Don't throw away your scraps. Toast them and use for bread crumbs in a later dish!

Smear with cream cheese. I used whipped cream cheese to make it easy to spread but you could use regular. Just make sure it is really soft as to not tear your bread.

Step 3: Dice Veggies

Picture of Dice Veggies
Finely dice all of your veggies. If you are using salami and cheese just slice them into thin strips.

Cut slices from walnut halves. You don't need to be exact. Just keep them thin.
canida3 years ago
I love cheeseballs too, and these are indeed much more attractive than your standard semi-demolished cheeseball! Lovely. :)
It is creative. very nice.
bajablue3 years ago
5 Star Gorgeous!!!
ChrysN3 years ago
Wow, that looks good!
How pretty! This is making me very hungry.
I love food that looks good and tastes good! Beautiful as always!
mygibzone3 years ago
Very beautiful! Well done!