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As we start this evening - the whiteboard comes out!  The theme, as mentioned before is the Zombie Apocalypse!  Some of our initial ideas are:

Bike trailer

Inspiration: One of our hackerspace members bikes everywhere.  He needs a bike trailer to haul his groceries and zombie weapons.
Materials: PVCS, Rope, Bushings, Axle, Metal bar stock, rubbermaid tote, secondhand bike wheels.

Solar Powered Lantern

Inspiration: During the tsunami that hit Japan, the Tokyo hackerspace made solar powered lanterns and handed them out while power was still down.
Materials: Old busted lanterns (camping lanterns/nonworking solar powered lanterns)

Can Crusher

Inspiration: Tim's recycling folks stopped picking up recycling.  So!  Since he has to bring it in, it may be worth it to crush and decrease on space taken up. 
Materials: Old snowblower tires, old garage door opener, garage door sensor, old dartboard for its LED displays and sound chip.

DIY water filter

Inspiration: During the zombie apocalypse, you're going to need food and water - but to have potable water, you need a water filter!
Materials: Charcoal from the fireplace, sand, old rubbermaid container, unused tubing

Final Video! 

Step 1: Deconstruction: Rabbit Hole - 2 Hours In

2-3 hours into the design/planning process.  Project Updates:

Bike Trailer

Tim and Peter are adapting wheels to sprockets.

Solar Powered Lantern

A few of the frame pieces have been cut and we're currently determining whether the broken solar lantern cells (or NiCad batteries) work properly.

Automatic Can Crusher

Here're the first cuts and holes for the frame of the can crusher.  We've also ensured that the garage door opener works!  Plans are underway to dismantling the dartboard and its chips as well.
This was great, it was a super instructable. Haaa! The rabbit hole...
Thanks for documenting your Deconstruction project on Instructables. I've added it into the Deconstruction on Instructables group.
Thanks so much noahw! Appreciate it!

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