This simple Instructable will show you how to upcycle a cassette-equipped radio, and turn it into an attractive Decopunk iPod rig.

Once I decorated my iPod Classic with a steampunk case, and created a Steampunk iPod Classic stand from a tostonera, I decided I needed an appropriate device to listen to my morning podcasts while making my coffee.

This Instructable will not tell you how to build a radio from scratch, but rather how to combine two store-bought items into a stylish and functional speaker system for your MP3 player. This rig is not designed to charge or sync your iPod, but with a few simple modifications, I'm sure both could be accomplished.

Of course this is purely decorative and aesthetic. If you're just looking for functionality, you might want to look at the Instructable Upcycling a cassette boom box.

What is "Decopunk" you may be wondering? Decopunk is a sub-genre of Dieselpunk. According to wikipedia, "DieselPunk is a gritty version of Steampunk set in the 1920s-1950s... DecoPunk is the sleek, shiny very Art Deco version" of Dieselpunk.

Since the radio I used for this build is a reproduction of an Art Deco radio from the 1930s, I think that "Decopunk" best describes this rig.

• Side loading cassette-equipped radio
• Cassette adaptor
• Shoe lace
• Metallic paint
• Shrink tubing

• Soldering iron
• Lighter
• Scissors
• Screw driver
• Tweezer

Step 1: Select a Radio/cassette Player

I came across this beautiful Art Deco style vintage radio and cassette player at a local thrift store. Part of the "Thomas Collector Edition Radio" series, it was going for $20 bucks. This was a little too much for me to spend on an old cassette radio at the time, especially one that had an "As Is" sign on it, so I didn't buy. But the more I thought about it, this was the perfect radio for this project. But when I returned a few days later, it had been sold!

So I hopped onto eBay, and after some searching, bought the the exact same radio for $12 bucks...But then I had to pay $15 shipping. Moral of the story: If you see something you like in a thrift store, buy it!;-)

One thing that is perfect about this radio is that the cassette side loads, so there's no lid to close on the wire.

Ironically this cassette player, which was made in the 1980s, in a style of the 1930s, is perfect for modifying to play 21st century MP3's... something a more modern CD player won't do!
<p>very well done, I like the little details.</p>
I have a &quot;vintage&quot; radio with a cassette port. I have been trying to think of away to install a plug for my Android phone. I never even thought about this. <br> <br>Great idea. <br>
Honda Enoch - What's great about these cassette players from the 70s, 80s &amp; 90s is that they can do something more modern CD players can't - play MP3s through a cassette adapter;-)
Yep and still play cassettes too :)<br>
And he has been off and running i see, I take a little time off to unplug and I have to catch up now... :) all 3 look fantastic Winged Fist great job! <br>Let's see some more! <br>
Ya I have that same problem, Making me not want to do instructables anymore, and just post the finished product. takes to much time to make theses and get no exposure like you said.
Thanks Grasshopper! Unfortunately none of these projects tickled the fancy of the editors, so they've haven't really gotten much exposure...;-(
I like the idea of the shoelace sleeve over the wire to help it look a little more old-school.
Zomfibame - The shoelace certainly helps to give the wires an old school effect, and works well for concealing the plastic!
Very nice! I really like the looks of this.
You have been a busy boy, nice job on the latest 3 projects, you know what would have really spiced them up? Oh I don't know maybe some neon bulbs, ah I'm just funnin ya, I'm working part time in a recycle store, you would not believe the cool stuff I've got access to everyday, if you PM me I'll shoot ya some pics of more fee stuff. <br> <br>Thanks for posting the new projects it gets a little quiet around here in the summer.
Longwinters- As you can see from my last 3 projects, I've been on an audio kick of late. But when I was designing my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Steampunk-iPod-Classic-stand/" rel="nofollow">Steampunk iPod Classic case</a>, I thought to myself: &quot;What would make this really comfortable in my back pocket? I know! Neon bulbs!&quot; Then I reconsidered;-)<br> <br> Your new job sounds like you've died and gone to &quot;DIY Makers&quot; heaven;-) Have fun, and looking forward to see what the quit summer brings from up north!
Dear Sir Winged Fist <br> <br>**WOW** <br> <br>Take a bow to all three new projects <br>They fit very well together;-))) <br> <br>Great job <br>Yours Aeon Junophor
Thanks very much Mister Junophor! I spent quite a while planning these three projects, and fortunately got them in just before the Woodworking Challenge deadline... Glad you like them... Sounds great too;-)

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