Picture of Decorate Bobby Pins
If you're like me, you probably have a couple bobby pins laying around. And they're probably a boring color, like black. So why not decorate them?
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Step 1: Get Teh Ingredients!!!

Picture of Get Teh Ingredients!!!
Depending on what way you want to decorate it, you will need different things. You can combine a couple ways if you want.

You will need:
  • beads
  • paint or nail polish
  • straws
  • hot glue (you can use regular glue but it wont be as strong)
  • a little charm or something

Step 2: The Bead method

Picture of The Bead method

This is simple. Just push the beads on the top part of it, the side that's wavy. Make sure they don't fall off or you'll have to put them on again.

Step 3:

Picture of
^^ what the straws are for

Its not my instructable, so credit to ashaloo. I don't want to cause problems or anything for using it in my instructable. 

The one in the picture was made by me.

Step 4: Nail polish/ Paint method

Picture of Nail polish/ Paint method
This is super simple, just paint it with whatever color you want.
If you use nail polish, put a top coat over it to make it last longer. I like the kind with glitter in it.
Nail polish remover comes in handy if you get some on your fingers. Or the table. Or whatever else you can think of.

Step 5: Charms

Picture of Charms
This super easy but it isn't hard either. First heat up the hot glue gun. (Skip this step if you are using regular glue, and the next too)
When you think its ready, test it on a piece of paper towel. BE CAREFUL!!! The glue is really hot and can burn you if your not careful. 
Now put a little dab of glue on the pin (be careful not to get it in the part where it almost touches the bottom part) and stick the charm on. I don't have a picture for this simply because I'm not gluing a piece of captain crunch to a bobby pin.
Try putting on a fabric flower.
Adorable idea. I love decorative bobby pins and I hate paying a fortune for them. Small polymer clay figures would work well also.