Decorate Ur ROOM


Introduction: Decorate Ur ROOM


WHO CAN FIND THE SMILEY FACE in one of my DIYs if you see it comment on where and I will give you a shootout in my next instructable. PS it's not the one on the very end of step 5

Step 1: Necklaces

Almost every frame, lamp or whatever has beads hanging from it, try it. Just take an old necklace and let it dangle from well... ANYTHING!

Step 2: Quotes Words

Do u have this word or phrase you luv and can't get out of your head, pick a background you like and cut out the letters of the phrase you like and put em on your wall, it ROCKS!!!

Step 3: Shells Rocks Beads Buttons Rhinestones Other Embellishments

Take anything that looks cute and just spread them across your dressers loom above for ideas. Sorry about the pic, their prettier than they look.

Step 4: Candles and Bows = Awesome

Put bright ribbons around frames your clock doorknobs your lamp any where they look adorable, I could make a bow my ribbon was too short so I made a cute double knot and cut the sides crookedish. ( thats not a word btw)

Step 5: Enjoy

I just love walking into my room and noticing that something's different in a good way! Even if it's just a New frame or something, especially if it's not just store bought if it's something that u made! Not all of these are homemade but they are definatley around the house kinda things so ENJOY!☺



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    o cool :-) Thankyou!
    By the way, I'm going to try the ribbon on my candles this weekend, it'll just add that little bit more I want in my bathroom.
    I'll give you a shout out too, in my next instructable...coming soon. :-)

    You WON

    Cute ideas :-)
    I see a face in the word SMILE...
    like this ;-) ???