Want to decorate your home beautifully with balloons floating in the air. Here is complete instructable to achieve this.

Step 1: Things Required

  • Balloons ( I have used white+blue colored balloons)
  • balloon Air pump
  • double sided tape
  • scissor
  • plastic ribbon ( I have used silver+blue colored)

Step 2: Creating Tail of Balloon

Cut small pieces of plastic ribbon of around 2 feet one for each balloon using scissor. Then inflate balloon and then tie the small piece of plastic ribbon of same color with balloon. Then using scissor just cut the plastic ribbon vertically in three.

Step 3: How It Is Floating?

Now cut small pieces of double sided tape and paste on top of balloon and then peel the other side of balloon and then paste the balloon on the roof of your room according to any pattern using different colors.

Step 4: My Pattern

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