Sick of the same boring notebook? Spice it up with an easy (and removable!) decal.

We're Lumi. We want to share our ideas to help you customize your life. We'll be making this tutorial using www.lumi.com but you can buy your decal from anywhere!

Our decals are cut from vinyl sheets using a Roland Plotter and hand weeded.

*Weeding is the process of removing the extra vinyl from the decal, we use a special hook shaped tool to peel it off.

Step 1: Choose Your Design

What is your notebook missing? We thought ours was in dire need of a dino decal.


Decals are cut out of vinyl, make sure your design isn't TOO intricate. Smooth continuous lines work best.

If you're ordering from Lumi.com, you can search any word and use a free design from the Noun Project. You can also upload any graphic!

Step 2: Get Started

Once you have your decal and a notebook, you're ready to go.

Step 3: Smooth It Out

Get a tool such as a squeegee or a credit card. Press it over your design to make sure it sticks to the transfer paper.

*If you ordered from www.lumi.com, your decal will come with a squeegee.

Step 4: Peel

Carefully peel back the clear transfer sheet. Make sure your decal comes with it.

Step 5: Place It

Line up your decal and place it down flat on your surface.

Step 6: Smooth It

Go over your design with your squeegee again. This step helps the decal stick to your notebook. Be sure to press firmly and go over the entire area so it doesn't peel off.

Step 7: Remove the Transfer Paper

Begin peeling back your transfer sheet. If any of your decal is sticking to the sheet, use your squeegee to keep it flat on your notebook.

Step 8: Finish

Remove the entire transfer sheet from your decal.

Step 9: Set It Free!

Your decal is ready to roam, see where it goes!

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