Introduction: Decorate a Knife Sheath

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In this instructable I will show you how to upgrade a boring knife sheath. I will be using a woodburner to burn right on the sheath

I had previously made this sheath for the karambit that I made from a table saw blade which I do not recommend unless you are making a small knife and don't mind it being thin

PS. this only will work with a leather sheath

Step 1: Find Design

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A karambit is an Asian knife I'm not sure where exactly it's from but I know it's a country in Asia.

I Googled Asian symbols because I thought it would fit the knife and I found 2 picture's with words. If I did it correctly it should say Dragon Death.

As I am writing this I realized that I made a stupid mistake, I used a symbol from each picture and I can't read it so for all I know it could be 2 completely different languages. If you want to do something similar make sure to be specific IE. Japanese symbols, Chinese symbols etc.

Step 2: Practice Copying the Symbols

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I used a pen and paper to copy the writing just to see the dimensions and to practice

Step 3: Copy on Sheath

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I used a pencil to write on the sheath it's easier to fix mistakes and it's not permanent

Step 4: Set Up Woodburner

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this step should be pretty self explanatory, but if it's not plug in the woodburner in and let it heat up

Step 5: Get Some Music

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woodburning isn't necessarily boring but it is time consuming and it's easier for me to concentrate when I'm listening to music. The music of the night ?

Step 6: Burn Your Design

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Using the woodburner follow the pencil marks and go nice and slow to get a uniform color but Don't leave it in one spot for to long

I use the pencil marks as a guide but I also have the picture next to me because the pencil marks aren't perfect

Step 7: Finished

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finished thanks for reading leave a comment below

If it doesn't actually say Dragon Death I don't really care it still looks cool.

Bug If somebody can read this and tell me if it actually says Dragon Death it would be appreciated


宪吴 (author)2017-03-28

It is not recommended to use the word "死龍", Chinese language is very elegant, since it is the scabbard should named "屠龍"

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