I did this at TechShop Menlo Park. http://www.techshop.com

Why not make your boat more fun with vinyl cut designs!
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Step 1: Make vectors

Picture of Make vectors
Find fun nautical designs and turn them into vectors or create vectors of your own in either Illustrator of CorelDraw. Export your vectors onto a flash drive as EPS files.

Step 2: Vinyl cut

Picture of Vinyl cut
Load the vinyl into the vinyl cutter from the back, set up your blade and find your XY home. Find appropriate force and speed by doing multiple tests.

Step 3: Assemble stickers

Picture of Assemble stickers
Once the vinyl is cut, weed out the unwanted pieces of vinyl and cover with transfer tape. Rub with a squeegee.

Step 4: Peel off backing

Picture of Peel off backing
Leave the design on attached to the transfer tape.

Step 5: Sticker your boat!

Picture of Sticker your boat!
Find the places you want to place your designs on the boat. Rub the stickers on and peel off transfer tape by pulling it sideways as shown in pictures. Don't pull tape up as it will stretch the vinyl and destroy your design.

Step 6: Final notes

Picture of Final notes
Use quality vinyl. There are many types on the market. Choose the most expensive one(the prices vary but not by much and the quality does vary by very much)  and it will be way easier to work with and will last much longer. For extra protection you can cover the entire thing with some varathane. That is my plan but you can use more expensive sealers if you can afford them.