Add your own unique touch by brightening a plain looking purse with buttons.

Step 1: The Purse

My criteria for the choice of purse were as follows;
  • plain black  - the colours should be from the buttons, white may work as well,
  • simple style - too many dangling bits, exterior buckles and exterior pockets make it difficult to attach the buttons and also take away the focus from the buttons,
  • smooth material - this makes it easier to glue the buttons to, fuzzy or course materials would be harder, and
  • cost effective - the less expensive the better.
After a few hours of searching on eBay, I picked up a Dyeables handbag style 1807 dyed black for $7 plus $12 shipping to Australia. The handbag is a very basic style with lots of large flat surfaces; the clasp is hidden out of the way as well.

Wow, beautiful, I love the colours.<br />
That looks awesome!<br />

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