Picture of Decorated Cupcakes.
Grab some cupcakes and start creating!

Step 1: Make the cupcakes...

Picture of Make the cupcakes...
Bake your own or use a cake mix.   I use the Pillsbury Moist Supreme (any flavor) because they turn out 24 perfect cupcakes every time and Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Icing because I'm lazy and it tastes great.   Chocolate, Strawberry & Cream Cheese are the only flavors used & all the other colors are made with the Cream Cheese & food coloring.
All of those cupcakes just look fantastic! Wonderful job!
Using marshmallows for teeth is genius!
MadiusDadius (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thanks - they do work pretty good!
Vika843 years ago
Very nice. Very creative!
MadiusDadius (author)  Vika843 years ago