Picture of Decorated carnival mask
Decorate a mask using your stamps or cut outs from magazines or even photographs to personalize it. Use the mask for a carnival or display as a work of art. If you're really handy you'll even make a custom made mask to fit your face, but I used a bought one that can be found in hobbystores.

What you will need:

*glue (decoupageglue or similar. I've heard you can use woodenglue mixed out with some water) and strong glue for the bling and trims(ribbon)
*images - if you use stamps you'll need giftwrapping paper, the kind you get in a shoebox or when buying flowers. Use what you have is my motto
*some kind of colouring pencils or pens
*ink and/or paint
*pretty ribbons
*sewing machine and miniclasps to hold the ribbon while the glue dries (optional)
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Step 1: Ink the edges of the mask

Picture of Ink the edges of the mask
Start by inking or painting the edges of your mask. Don't ink the mask itself unless you know exactly where your images will go. After making the left side I thought I was done so I inked the right side with bright red. Then I realized I wanted another image to be the focal point. Unfortunately when I glued her on, the bright red shone through. That's why the fairy on the right is so red around her face. So learn from my mistakes :)

Step 2: Stamp and cut out images

Picture of Stamp and cut out images
Set the mask aside to dry and stamp up your images on the paper (I only had light pink, a wrapping from a gift, but if you want your colouring to be more accurate you should use white. I used what I had). I tried to stamp where there were no creases to get a good impression. I also tried to choose stamps that could easily be cut out with no tiny details. Colour them carefully and cut out.
You did a BEAUTIFUL job. It would be great to have the images you used-do you know where they can be got?
Anyway..keep up the great work!

kamadesign (author)  walkingpureheart1 year ago
Thank you for the kind words and sorry for the late reply. All the stamps I used are from sweetpea stamps. You can get them here: