Make individualises decorated chocolate Easter eggs to give to that someone special.

I wanted to give my girlfriend something a bit more special then a cookie cutter Easter egg, so I thought of decorating a plain boring one.

What I leant from this is that it is very difficult to paint with chocolate, hence the reason you can observe that texture. I think it turned out alright, she was quite impressed. I have already had some experience with chocolate which you can read about in this instructable Custom made; shaped, flavoured and coloured chocolates.

Note that I am located in Perth, Western Australia. All my store locations are local and prices in Australian dollars.

Step 1: Ingredients & Equipment

Chocolate Easter egg - I chose to decorate an existing chocolate egg, mainly due to ease. But you can very easily also create the egg yourself from chocolate moulds. The egg I chose was a 100g Cadbury egg ($2.68) , I thought this size was large enough to paint while still looking elegant.

Cooking chocolate - you will need to buy white chocolate as this is the only type that can be mixed with the colouring powder. Preferable get the same brand of chocolate as the egg.

Colouring powders - these are what you add to white chocolate to make coloured chocolate. Quite essential for painting the egg. 8 Powder Colours (2g each) $12 for a set can be purchased from Choc Art.

Other items:
Paint brushes - two sizes, large one for the base coat, smaller for detail.
Cooking utensils - muffin pan, wok, spoon, cup. These items can be improvised with other items I will explain in the next step.
Clear plastic and ribbon - used for wrapping the finished egg.

<p>Love it</p>
This is wicked!!! The end product looks almost professional.
nice instructable!

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