My first instructable, here we go! I always wanted to have a old wooden airplane propellor just for show. It's something every guy needs in his mancave. To bad the real thing is pretty costly so why not make my own? I got plans from a site (witch is in fact a walkthrough on making a propellor) and I went to work.

Note that I made my prop with 2 types of cheap pine wood. Making it out of oak or maple was to expansive. We got pines enough in Holland so I went with that.

Little disclaimer: This propellor is ment to be a decorative showpiece. Not a real propellor to use on a plane or something!

Step 1: Printing the Plans and Drawing Them on Wood

First I printed the different layers on normal A4 paper. I changed the measurements in Photoshop to get a ruff 1,5 meter long propellor. This was all done without a ruler a tapemeasure. I kinda eyeballed it. Then I traced them over on the wood. I used 2 different kinds of pine so it would look nice.

Step 2: Sawing and Gluing

Then I just sawed all the 8 pieces out with a jigsaw. Gluing them together was a pain but I managed by gluing them in sections. Note that you need to glue them in a spiral.

Step 3: Sanding, Sanding and a Litle Bit of Sanding...

Ok this is by far the longest part of the build. Right of the bad I noticed that with normal sanding this would take eons. So I tried 'sanding' with a anglegrinder. This worked pretty nice! When the rough shape was done I took a palmsander with grid 40, 80, 120, 180 and 220 to finish it off.

Step 4: Staining

The last step was staining. I just took a dark color i had lying arround and slapt it on. You could use polyurethane aswell. Since this project took long enough I didn't bother. Done!

<p>Great job :)</p>
<p>You also might want to drill 6 to 8 holes around the hub for the wire and pin that holds the prop in place and locks the nut so it can't come loose. You can see them here, </p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvLra7G31cU I will be making one for my den with all the airplanes RC and static displayed in it. Great job for you first instructable.</p>
<p>Awesome video! Makes me wish I had a CNC machine. (or whatever it is called) The holes you mentioned where also on the plans. I'm actually thinking about screwing on a round steel plate with a 8 holes in it. There would be also a hole in the middle that would fit neatly arround the hole on the hub. To top it of I would use 8 round shaped bolts. I'll update this instructable when that is done!</p>
Yep it would look great like that and take a do a few scratches on the leading edge to make it look old.
Looks great!
Great looking prop. Very nice first instructable
Excellent project! Well done.
I like it, well done.
<p>To the untrained eye, this looks like the real thing. For added realism, sheath the leading edge in metal, beat it up and ding it, then you have what looks like a prop from an old Stearman trainer.</p><p><a href="http://ep.yimg.com/ay/tailwindsinc/large-vintage-wood-propeller-4.gif">http://ep.yimg.com/ay/tailwindsinc/large-vintage-w...</a></p><p>Very nice reproduction!</p>
thx for your comment! The beaten copper or metal realy makes it look old and rustic. I'm not sure what material to use but I sure want to use your idea. I also saw a prop made into a sealingfan on Instructables so i might want to do that aswell.
amazing project!!! so easy and wonderfull! definitely for the man cave!! thanks to share it!<br>
<p>Great looking decoration. </p>

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