Decorating Your Friends Locker for Their Birthday!


Introduction: Decorating Your Friends Locker for Their Birthday!

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Have you ever wanted to decorate your friend's locker to celebrate their birthday? Here is the ultimate, sneaky guide to decorating lockers, and giving your friend a fun surprise!

Step 1: Step 1: Get Rid of Your Friend

No, not KILLING THEM. Just try to get them to leave school at the end of the day as soon as possible. Egg them on, ask how long it will take them to leave.. things like that.

PS I know the photo is upside down xD

Step 2: Recruit Friends

You can't do this alone. Once your birthday girl/boy has left, get some friends to help you out. Or even better, be organised and ask them a few days before.

Step 3: Step 3: DECORATE!!

Get all of your decorations, and start decorating to your hearts content!!

Step 4: Step 4: See the Reaction

Get to school early the next day, to surprise your friend, and see their reaction!! Happy decorating ;)



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    Fun idea! Some of your photos are upsidedown.

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