Decorating Eggs on the Egg-Bot





Introduction: Decorating Eggs on the Egg-Bot

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Recently, Instructables found a new and shiny toy in the office -- Evil Mad Scientist's Egg-Bot. This is a really fun toy that allows you to create or import your design into Inkscape and print it on an egg.

As you can see from the pictures, you need to carefully place your egg within the machine and calibrate it properly using Egg-Bot's plugin for Inkscape to ensure that the pen always hits the egg as your design is being drawn. There is definitely an art to doing this well. These pictures are from my first attempts and tests, some of which turned out better than others.

Most of the images drawn on the eggs can be found online pretty easily as members of the community have shared their files.



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    How long does it take for the eggbot to draw?

    yeah thats pretty great :)

    I Totally agree! love it! :)

    wow great little piece of kit, and cheap!

    WOW i love that robot!!!!

    That is one speggtacular maze.

    lol nutrition label

    I respect you. Work more than wonderful

    If you liked the Eggbot nutrition label, then you may also appreciate a similar plot: the definition of the word "egg".  An image of a sample plot can be seen at .  I have not uploaded that plot to Thingiverse owing to the potential copyright issue: the text of the plot is from the American Heritage Student Dictionary.  However, you can download the SVG file from .  I suggest that you right click on that link and select your browsers "download to file" function in order to ensure that you get the file correctly downloaded.  When plotting on an Eggbot, make sure that the "Egg (x) axis wraps around" option is enabled.

    i love the fun things this eggbot can do. however, i don't really think it is fair that an employee of the website, using the item to be won uses it as an entry in a contest they have. at my old company, when having a customer contest, employees are exempt from entering...

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    don't worry, employees can't win the contests, but we can inspire others to create items as cool (and hopefully cooler!) than what we do. This is here for your inspiration :)

    The nutrition facts plot is incredible! It shows that the plotter (can we call Egg-Bot that?) has a great resolution for a kit-based device. I'm hoping to get me an Egg-Bot one day. Hopefully in time for Easter :)

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    The nutrition facts is definitely my favorite as well. The design is not my own, but you can download is at Thingiverse and try it out:

    I feel like you could sell the nutrition facts eggs.

    i, you can find out more on egg-bot here
    also go on youtube and type in egg-bot and find videos on it.
    The original was invented to teach kids how to build one using a computer about 20 years ago and the inventor updated it. He was on Martha Stewart Show over a year ago.


    yes! These are fantastic. But the question is, how do I build an Egg bot?