Decorative piece using paint chips. Super easy to do!!

Step 1: Select the Colors You Want

Step 2: Place the Color Paint Chips in the Order You Prefer and Put Aside Until You Create the Frame

Step 3: Make a Frame Using Wood. and Paint With Your Favorite Color

Step 4: With the Router Create Something Like This to Sit the Metal Sheet in Place

Step 5: It Has to Look Like This

Step 6: And Now Place the Paint Chips in the Back of the Metal Sheet , So When You Turn Up the Piece Looks Like This One

Step 7: Final Result

<p>Where do I get the metal sheet??</p>
<p>very cool!</p>
<p>So fun and colorful! Looks great close up and from a distance :)</p>
<p>I love this project. After I made that, I change the colors of my family room , so I changed the colors in the back of the existent one (colorful) and I placed earthy tones and it look great also. Now if I go back to a colorful , I only need to flip the panel and use it again. Glad you like this project</p>
<p>Wow this is cool.</p><p>I am going to try to make one.</p>
<p>Great!!! If you make one please share with me how it looks!! Hope you enjoy making this project</p>

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