Decorative Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack





Introduction: Decorative Bamboo Clothes Drying Rack

I wanted an indoor clothes drying rack that could just be left out when not in use. My apartment is just not big enough to store all the things I want to make.

Wheres the drying rack in this picture your say?

It's the decorative bunch of bamboo. It stays out in the living room and gets used quite a bit as we often have a good drying breeze throught the apartment.

Step 1. Cut and dry some bamboo. Cut and sand off any side branches. A few twigs left on the top gives it a more organic look. I imagine thin branches from some tree species like poplars would work well too. Bamboo is considered a noxious weed in Australia so my removing it from a bush reserve was a community service.

I've thrown them into an earthernware pot, but they also look quite good as a free standing bunch tied with a string to look a bit like a tipi.

Step 1: Pull Apart Your Sculpture and Load It Up

Lay your washing over the poles which you suspend over any convenient chairs/ furniture etc. Unlike conventional drying racks you can load one row at a time.

Step 2: Clothes Drying

This was only a three pole load...

Step 3: Use the Twiggy Bits Too

Use the twigs on the end to hang dangly things like socks or bras.

When the drying is finished, re create your bamboo arrangement in a new style for the day!



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    Love it! thanks.

    Hey this is quite neat! I like this simplicity of it! Thank you for sharing :)

    This is really cool - do you think they would be strong enough to support a coat when the bamboo was standing in the pot?

    2 replies

    yes. it is bamboo. bamboo is usually rather strong. although, i would worry about the balance of the pot, ha ha: "hey jim, mind if i hang my coat up?" "sure, but on wh--" *crack* "..."

    You could fill the pot with sand, or even cement or clay, to weigh it down and hold the bamboo poles in place.

    It's a pretty neat idea, a real paradigm shift for drying clothes.

    I have considered doing something like this for some time. One question though how long typically will it take to dry the clothes & is there any mildewy smell or anything by doing this?

    1 reply

    Usually only takes 2 days to dry at the longest if the weather is rainy (when it gets used the most) so definetly no mildew smell. Leaving windows open at opposite sides of the house helps keeps air moving. Room heating would obviously help but I rarely need it. Indoor drying might not work everywhere. why not experiment? Yes...the whole set up is not really strong enough for anything while standing up.