I saw a miniature version of the door knob hanging birds at World Market (Cost Plus) and wanted to make a larger version so I could see all those beautiful colors hanging on my wall !!!

Here's what you'll need:

* Fabric - different colors and patterns for your birds
* String - something thick enough to hold the weight of the stuffed birds, decorative beads and yarn and then ending cowbell ( if you choose)
* Stuffing
* Large beads
( with big enough holes to fit your string through)
* Decorative yarn or fabric strips to tie to the string between birds
* Cow bell ( for the bottom of your bird hanging)
* Bells (if you choose) to be strung with the beads and yarn or fabric pieces between each bird)

Step 1: Creating a Pattern and Cutting...

I started by drawing out a simple bird shape and a wing shape to create a pattern. ( The white is the bird and the black represents the wing shape to be cut out of a separate color or pattern of fabric then the one you use for your bird shape. You want the two fabrics to contrast / compliment each other). 

Then cut out all your pieces using the patterns and leaving a 3/4 seam allowance. We are sewing the seams right side out and a good size seam allowance will allow you to cut the edges in a curved, zig zag pattern all around or by using pinking sheers...(your choice).

FYI: You need a front and back for each bird and two wings
( I have a habit of leaving out important details while making things sometimes....so don't make my mistake:))
I made 6 birds all together.  ( That makes a 6 foot long Bird Hanger all together by the time you add the cord and beads between each bird)

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Bio: I am a Crafter in Sacramento, California and enjoy life most when I am making and creating!!!
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