Make a holiday themed CD snowflake

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

-A Ruler
-A Twist tie


-Hot glue
-Rubbing alcohol
-Paper towel

Step 2: Mark the CD

Take a ruler and use it to mark lines going out from the center in 8 directions as shown in the pictures

Step 3: Give the Flake It's Shape

add in extra lines jetting out of each stem to make a snowflake pattern

Step 4: Cut

Start cutting out each stem of the flake as pictured above. Be very careful of the edges and scraps, they are sharp. Also go slow to avoid the CD cracking.

Step 5: Take Off Excess

Bend the excess up an down repeatedly until they fall off, if needed twist the excess off

Step 6: More Cutting

Now cut out the small triangle shapes between the end of the flake. Don't cut your self or get the pieces stuck in your hand.

Step 7: Erase Marker Lines

Put rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and rub it gently against the marker until it comes off.

Step 8: Add a Hook

Take the twist tie and either hot glue it to the back or thread it through the center. You are no done! Thanks for reading and please vote!
<p>I love this and cant wait to make it and give to our grandkids</p>

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