This will be the end product. A cute Valentine's inspired candy bowl. 
You will need:
-paper towel
-tissue paper
-pieces of candy (I used Hershey Kisses)
-assorted colors of beads (pink, white, red)
[different colors can be used depending on what it is for. (ex. St. Patty's day, Christmas, ect.)]

Step 1:

In order to make the bowl look more full than it really is, you first have to stuff it with paper towel.
After that take a piece of paper and wrap it around the paper towel, so there is more structure to it.
You're trying to make a base so that when you put the beads in they won't fall into little crevasses. 
Super clever! I'd have to remind my friends not to eat the beads I think . . .
thank you!! super easy too!

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