Decorative Christmas Trees From Recycled CDs


Introduction: Decorative Christmas Trees From Recycled CDs

Turn used DVDs or CDs into shiny Christmas trees

Use a sturdy pair of scissors or a box cutter. The angles marked out are simplified right angled triangles, these can be adjusted to vary the tree shape. 

The pieces are put together in alternating layers with a tiny drop of superglue 

Each tree requires half a disc so you can make two trees from a cd.

super glue a bit of string at the back to make a geeky cool Christmas tree ornament



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    3 Discussions

    This is a fun idea! I just made some, but mine are only three layers, check it out.


    thanks Kiteman, thumbnails better. The photos were quick and dirty as was the first cut late night at the office can only do so much. I'd like the photos to be of these things hanging on an actual tree.

    These are cool.

    (You ought to use a right-way-up image of the finished tree as your first image, to make an attractive thumbnail.)