Introduction: Decorative Halloween Skulls

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Turn cheap skulls into chic Halloween decor!

Step 1: Watch How It's Done Here!

Step 2: Stuff You'll Need

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Plastic Skulls

Americana Multi Surface Satin Paint in Black Tile


Large flat back gems

Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint in Chrome & Silver Glitter (puff paint)

Small stick on gems


Step 3: Here's How

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Paint the skulls black and let dry

Decorate with Allure in Silver Glitter *I like leaves and swirls

Fill in the leaves with Allure in Chrome

Add small stick on gems when the Allure is dry

With E-6000 Glue large gems in the eye cavities


giorgia14 (author)2015-09-24

Oh my!!!! :-O I've just subscribed to your youtube channel.. Terrific!!!

Mark Montano (author)giorgia142015-09-26

Thanks Giorgia! Stay in touch, OK! :)

ArticAkita (author)2015-09-19

wish Alaska (my area) had one.

Thatguyyouthinkyouknow (author)2015-09-18

where are you getting your skulls from?

Got mine at the 99c store. They're everywhere now. Mine had some stuff glued to them, but I just ripped it off.

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