Step 6: Step 5

Coat in a layer of clear shellac and let dry. Make sure you wear gloves.
cool idee, maakt de witte box zoveel mooier <br>
Thhaannnxx doooood. Are uuu speeekinng huumaan orr robot?
those look very nice. ... how long do they last before they start to get scratched up?
I once made one of these switch plates in 4th grade. It's really ugly like a lot of things 8 year olds make, but my mom insisted on putting it up in the kitchen. It's still there, roughly 20 yrs later, and has never been scratched. The collage images have started to fade a little bit - but it does happen to be in direct sunlight for most of the day.
That is a great idea and they turned out so beautifully!

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