Picture of Decorative Mixed Media Flower
Simple mixed media flower to add to your next art or crafting  project. 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You may have these material already on hand or something very similar.  I had these decorative metal pieces leftover from another project.  

Distress Stain (Tim Holtz - Ideology Collection) this can be found at most crafting stores.  LOVE THESE PRODUCTS
Metal Fastener
Small Round Shape (Or you can use your wire to make a circular shape)
Small leaf shaped metal pieces
Wire (I like the 21 gauge because it is easier to work with)
Glue (I love Quick Grip.  It is a fast  permanent glue.  Be sure to be in a well ventilated area.)

Step 2: Cut the wire

Picture of Cut the wire
Decide on the size of your mixed media flower and measure it out.  The 21 gauge wire is very sturdy and forgiving so you can be flexible with your design.

Step 3: Making the Leaves

Picture of Making the Leaves
Place your "leaves" onto the wire and bend the wire to make a square knot.  Make sure the leaf is in the middle of the know so it will remain secure.  You may want to use your pliers to assist you with this.

Step 4: Flower Head

Picture of Flower Head
Take your metal circle and thread it onto your wire.  You will then take your metal fastener and attach it to your wire and your metal circle.  Make sure to bend the wire over the fastener once it's on there.  It will help to secure it.

Step 5: Make your petals

Picture of Make your petals
Begin drawing petal shapes onto your brown cardstock. After doodling your flower petals use the Tim Holtz Distresser to add some depth to your petal.  If you don't have access to this product just use some thinned burnt sienna and dab it onto the cardstock.  After your done cut the petals out.  I like to leave the black outline for mine. Don't mind the brown paint on my fingers and nails...I was working on another project at the same time....  :)

Step 6: Make your flower

Picture of Make your flower
Put a dab of glue on the finished side of your flower.  You will be attaching the petal to the metal fastener.  If you add the glue to the unfinished side it may not hold onto the the metal circle.  Attach the petals in the order that you prefer and Voila!!!!!!!  You have a simple mixed media flower!