Picture of Decorative Origami Ball
Here you will learn to make a cool looking Origami Ball, from 6 squares of paper.

the paper I use is regular printer paper, but foil works really well (and looks cooler).
With this kind of design, smaller is usually better/neater looking -- but too small greats really difficult. My squares are 2 1/8 " on a side, b/c I took an 8 1/2 x 11, made a square and divided it into 16ths.

For more fun, try making a stellated octahedron w/ 16 pieces!!!

These make great holiday decorations, or gifts (I've made a few pair of earrings from foil-made ones).

Step 1: Precreasing

With many modular designs, precreasing takes almost as much time as the real folding, and this is no exception ;-)

Just follow the pictures...
Just so you know,this is really called a"Japanese Brocade"
jabapyth (author)  musicmixer1123 years ago
Thanks for letting me know!
coolo523 years ago
made one with 12 modules, i may post a picture of it
coolo523 years ago
i love this! 5 stars
Amortech4 years ago
And by my request, I mean steps two to three on page two of your instructable.
Amortech4 years ago
PLEASE tell me how to get from Step 2 to Step 3!
Hey, just wanted to say nice job! I was thinking of gluing these to earring posts or  whatever.  :) You can make them pretty small too... These are beautiful as well as easy to do! :)
jabapyth (author)  ms.goody2shoez5 years ago
 Thanks! It's always great to know when work is appreciated.
btw. they make *great* earrings =) especially when you use foil-paper (gold or silver, as in the picture. red foil looks great as well).
robot2325 years ago
that is pretty cool for your first instructables  but  there is one thing, i don't get the last step, pic #1
jabapyth (author)  robot2325 years ago
in the last step, you connect the units together to form the final ball. This done by inserting the point of one perpendicularly into the side of another.
Rachel Lee5 years ago
adio: yes i have, within 30 squares right? =)
adio6 years ago
have u made this one yet?
origami 002.jpg
jabapyth (author)  adio6 years ago
Hmm yeah I think I have :) its a good design
thx alot, i didnt understand this one video on how to make this same model, but thanks to you, i managed to make this model. these instructions were easy to follow!
jabapyth (author)  whysoserious1236 years ago
you're welcome. If you made one, post a pic!
i really don't understand how to go from this step to the next picture. And at this point are you using 2 or 3 "squares"?
jabapyth (author)  spectroscopy6 years ago
the first three pictures are of 2 units being put together, the next two are of 3 units, etc.
thanks for your quick answer :) I download the Pdf and the information was there!
inergy6 years ago
easier when smaller
inergy6 years ago
devilwoobie6 years ago
:( I didn't know I needed more than one sheet of paper u should include that in the "first step" and I was doing soo good
jabapyth (author)  devilwoobie6 years ago
well...if you read the introduction, it says "from 6 squares of paper"....
Great instructions! They make wonderful earrings! I just have a question... do you know who designed it? Or perhaps you did?
I believe it is called "Japanese Brocade".
jabapyth (author)  sideshowzimmie6 years ago
I learned this design from a friend, but I've seen it in various places; I think it's a farily old design. Thanks for your interest
gotclawz16 years ago
love it, thanks
ChrysN6 years ago
Cool ball, great instructions!
jabapyth (author)  ChrysN6 years ago
thanks, this is my first instructable
Really? You did a great job.