Decorative Origami Cube 1





Introduction: Decorative Origami Cube 1

Here's a cool looking cube from 12 squares of paper. It is a great decoration, and can also *be stood on its corner*. Enjoy

*edit* I made a variation to this model that doesn't involve folding thirds ;)

Step 1: Folding the Units

get 12 sheets of paper.
*warning*: this model uses thirds ;-) thirds can be really annoying, but are ok if you get the hang of them. If you want to avoid thirds, go ahead and try my Decorative Origami Cube 2

Step 2: Assemble the Cube

You should have twelve units...
while assembling, be gentle with the units -- if something isn't working, try to ease it in from another angle, or partially unfold a flap

-- heres a video on how to put them together --


  • Great Cube. Enjoyed ...-GourangA1

    GourangA1 made it!


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this project/user is sooooo cool!

i made one out of note book paper and put a big jinggle ball in it my cat played with it forver try ing to get it out thinks for the modle

i'm going to surprise those cubes (and the ball) to my friends this mid-autumn fest! thx so much for sharing these cool instructions! ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed them :)

....very nice....decent picture taking is appreicated