Picture of Decorative Origami Cube 2
This is an alternative design to my Decorative Origami Cube 1 instructable (yeah, I got creative with the names...) that doesn't use thirds.

This Cube is a cool-looking modular piece requiring 12 squares of paper.
I used 3 different colors, but you can do whatever you want.
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Step 1: Fold The Units

Fold twelve of these guys. You can do different color combinations, but I've found that paper with color on one side, white on the other looks the coolest.

btw the green lines mean fold...

Step 2: Assemble the Cube

Just follow the pictures
gippy003 years ago
hey what is the fold in the 4th picture is ti half 4ths or thirds?
sophiadou4 years ago
afvet654 years ago
The instructions were easy to follow! This was a great way to have fun with my Geometry classes! Thank you!!
pholt4 years ago
Great Instructable! Clear and precise! I'm using this for a school project on Origami. Thanks!
blaver5 years ago
hey i  think this and your other cube are really cool! i was just wondering if they're the same size?
jabapyth (author)  blaver5 years ago
this one is a bit larger
lake755 years ago
Very fun! Thank you for posting this. It went a lot faster then I thought it would.
altrobot5 years ago
this is great and simple, very nicely presented and a good instructable!
kog1035 years ago
That worked out wonderfully! Really good, clear instruction, and very good pictures. I really like the result! Thanks!
That worked out fantastically. I wish I had a camera to take a pic
sudoku_maze5 years ago
im really new in this field the last step in step 1 i really cant understand it can u give me the step in words. thankz
jabapyth (author)  sudoku_maze5 years ago
i'm not quite sure what you mean -- are do you have a single unit assembled?
ntthuhang035 years ago
It's really nice! I like it very much ;-)
jabapyth (author)  ntthuhang035 years ago
glad you like it :)
wow . . . so much fun and so simple

and it's started a phase at school now.


yays! thanku
jabapyth (author)  crak-a-bottle5 years ago
solid :D school trends are fun to start, glad I could help.
RoboZapper5 years ago
im cold! someone turn my fan off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
troy0012345 years ago
This is great!
inergy5 years ago
I made one into a helmet ROFL:)
jabapyth (author)  inergy5 years ago
seriously? post a photo!
inergy jabapyth5 years ago
The paper in the middle is A4 square camera's blurred, cut down the picture to just the cube :) couldn't make me wearing it cause to fragile :(
jabapyth (author)  inergy5 years ago
wow that is huge! impressive
nangle5 years ago
the instruction are really clear but what size did you make the squares to begin with??
jabapyth (author)  nangle5 years ago
ah sorry about that ;) the size doesn't really matter... but I used 2" squares
moomooman5 years ago
sweet instructable very straight through
joyride686 years ago
I'm excited about trying to make this cube but I have a question about the fold shown in picture 5 of step 1. What is the proportion of this fold? Is it 1/3? Or is it okay to use any proportion as long as you are consistent between all of the units you fold?
jabapyth (author)  joyride686 years ago
sorry, i guess that was really unclear >.< It's supposed to be a third (and I've added a note to that effect), but you could probably get away with something other than a third......try it and tell me how it turns out! :)
It worked beautifully! I can't believe how simple it is and yet it comes out very solid and sturdy. At first glance I thought step 2 was going to give me problems, but by following the pictures carefully I figured it out pretty quickly. Now I'll have to check out your first cube...
jabapyth (author)  joyride686 years ago
Im glad you met with success good luck with the other cube!