I have an event for which I will make refrigerator magnets as a give-away and wanted a nifty box to put them in. I looked in the stores and the price for even small boxes is crazy and the cheapest ones are really plain. That's not my style.

I happened to be in one of my favorite art supply stores (mostly scrapbooking, though I don't scrapbook) that offers a "pay to play" every first and third Friday of the month. On the day before the Friday I started making these, a lovely woman named Sharon brought a lovely origami box that was just what I was looking for. So, I made them myself the next evening out of pretty simple and readily available supplies... and some hands-on teaching by Sharon. I haven't folded paper since my son was 3 and before that, in grade school.

To fold the box and the top will take you all of 30 minutes the first time, 15 minutes once you get the hang of it. I had to have 9 and all together it took me about an hour and half and that's because I was being careful with my folds.

Thanks to Sharon, who taught me to make this box!

Also, thanks to Christy Wood, owner of Runaway Arts and Crafts in Salem Oregon for providing a great learning environment ... and the use of all her thousands of dollars (quite literally) of stuff during the pay to play night!

NOTE: I checked around Instructables to make sure that I wasn't going to load a duplicate and this isn't, but it IS a variation of the Origami Easter Basket done by origamite that can be seen here Origami Easter Basket Tutorial.

This video is worth watching if you're new (like me) to origami because he has a video that you can watch. For some, that's easier to understand than pictures with written directions. There are a few differences, but not many, so be sure to read the directions as well. The flap and pocket folds are a bit different.

Step 1: This Tutorial Is for the BOX ...

This particular Instructable will be for the folding of the box only as the decorating part is enough for another ... so I made one:

Decorative Origami Gift Box: Part II, Adding Bling.

You're welcome to stop at the folding part because from there you can do whatever you like to finish it!

Please forgive the state of the ends of my fingers and nails. I was working on another project and they're stained with alcohol ink. I promise, my hands are clean.

<p>What dimension of paper have you used for the lid?</p>
<p>The lid is 4x4, which is 2 inches smaller than the box, which is 6x6. That should be in here somewhere. It's the same rule for any size box you want to do. Hope that helps.</p>
<p>Sorry to have missed that! Searching for 4x4 gave it to me.</p>
<p>No worries. Glad you help.</p>
<p>&quot;to&quot;. Sheesh. I need a nap</p>
<p>These are nice! Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>you're welcome. They're really easy ... even easier if you use regular-weight paper.The worked out nicely for the event too! Easy to do and kids can do it just as easily (probably easier).</p>

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