Decorative Sea Urchin





Introduction: Decorative Sea Urchin

Hello, I am here again to talk about my adorable decorative urchin. After writing about the half bathroom remodeling on our old house, many readers have asked me about the urchin in the picture. If I did it? If I bought it? Where I got it? Yes, I did it and now I'm going to make a little tutorial so you can make yours in home.

Step 1: Materials

-foam ball

-wooden sticks

Step 2: Star in the Center of the Foam Ball Sphere

To create the small decorative urchin , I will be using the small sphere and I am going to work this one with the toothpicks.

And for the large sphere I will be using wooden sticks longer. Start at the center of the sphere by placing sticks according to the distance you desired.

Step 3: Cover All the Areas of the Foam Ball

Continue to fill the area with chopsticks to coat completely.

Step 4: Big Urchin Almost Done

Step 5: Final Result of This Tutorial

Cover the foam ball completely as shown in the large decorative urchin, I did not cover the small one with the toothpick because for what I want to use it would be better like that.

Hope you like it as much as I do!!



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    Love this idea. Think I will use it for my Halloween decor. Painting the ball black and painting or dyeing the picks purple. Yes, works for me. This could be used for any holiday decor. Thanks for the great idea!

    Sounds great.!!! Post some pictures here , so I can see how it looks with a halloween twist

    Wow!How do you think one of these would look if I used different color toothpicks?

    That is a good idea. I did one with the points in white and it look gorgeous. I made two long time ago, the sphere was black and the toothpicks natural color. If I find the pictures I will share here with you

    So simple but looks amaizing!

    I think the same...its very simple but looks nice in every corner in my house!! I love it!! Thanks for stopping by