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Introduction: Decorative Squiggles

I learned how to do this in fourth grade. I never learned what it was called so I like to call it decorative squiggles. It is very simple to do, but also time consuming. You don't have to do it all in one sitting though. I also find it relaxing and it can give you time to just think.

Step 1: Start

Start with a paper or card that you wish to do the design on, and have a fine point pen ready. I am using a black Sharpie pen, you can use any color you wish or mix mach colors.

Step 2: Draw

First draw a shape. It does not have to be a squiggly shape it can be a rectangle or triangle.

Step 3: Draw Inside

Next draw in the inside of the shape following the edge but not touching all the way around and join.

Step 4: Finish the Shape

Continue following the edge and drawing smaller and smaller shapes inside until you can't anymore. You have finished one shape now.

Step 5: Continue

Continue by joining another shape to the completed one and make the smaller ones inside.

Step 6: Keep Going

Keep attaching shapes. This can be time consuming but it is worth it for how awesome it looks when it is done.

Step 7: The Edges

When you reach an edge do not complete the shape leave the edge of the paper open like so.

Step 8: Edges Fill

Continue filling it like normal but keep the edge open. This is not necessary but it looks nice.

Step 9: Finished

Once you have filled in the whole of what you where filling in you are done. Congratulations! Not many people have the patience for an activity like this.



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    I used to do this around other images. Very nice. Have you considered coloring inside the lines?

    Very left brain.

    I found it relaxing just looking at your ible!!!! Think I see some doodling in my near future!! Thanks for the reminder.......

    Very cool! Nice instructable. I've seen something similar called Zentangle.

    1 reply

    That may be what it is called. I have forgotten exactly what this is called. That is why I called it decorative squiggles. Thank you!

    Very cool. I used to doodle during classes, I found it helped me listen well and stave off the boredom of lectures. I ended up with similar designs covering my folders. I saved a few of them after being surprised at how cool they looked.

    This looks like it would be very meditative!