Decorative Table 3





Introduction: Decorative Table 3

This is my third small decorative table.

Material used: 1 round wood slice, 1 pack of Masterclass bakeshop measuring spoon (This pack contains 4 measuring spoons with wood handle) , Wood Glue and Sharpies.

Step 1: Converting Mesuring Spoons

I found these measuring spoons in Home goods store. I separated metal and wooden parts and used this wooden part as legs of my table.

Step 2: Table Top

I found round wood slice board from the same store and I used it as my table top

Step 3: Decoration Part

The surface of wood was very smooth, hence I skipped sanding part.I did my free hand designs on wood slice using sharpies.

Step 4: Final Stage

After making designs I glued all four legs to the circle and my small table is ready.



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Cool table! It's a bit wasteful to destroy useful measuring spoons for their wooden handles. May I suggest you follow the woodworking class here on Instructables? I can give you a pro membership if you haven't got one already.

I believe in recycling. I am still using these wonderful measuring metal spoons.

Looks great! Maybe you could cover it with a polyurethane or glaze to preserve your artwork.