Decorative Tea-light Candle Holder




Introduction: Decorative Tea-light Candle Holder

Festivals in India are marked by bright lights. Festivals like Dusshera and Diwali spiritually signify the victory of good over evil by manifesting as light over darkness.

These candles are known as Diyas and can be used to light up your houses during festivals, can adorn your puja or may be gifted to loved ones for special occasions.

Step 1: Materials Required

- Cardboard cut into flower shape

- Tea-light candle

- Fevicol (or glue)

- Sketch pens

- Slotted quilling tool

- Embellishments

- Quilling strips

Step 2: Draw the Outline and Highlight the Details

1. Draw the outline of the desire flower shape on a sheet of paper

2. Stick the sheet of paper on the cardboard

3. Cut along the borders of the flower shaped cardboard

4. Highlight the borders of the shape with sketch pen

Step 3: Create a Placeholder for the Tea-light Candle

1. Using a 10mm quilling strip roll onto the candle

2. Stick the candle border to the cardboard

Step 4: Adding the Embellishments

1. Decorate the candle holder with embellishments as desired.

2. Roll the quilling strips into different shapes and decorate.

Step 5: More Tea-light Candle Holder Designs

I hope you enjoyed my instructables on decorating the tea-light candle holder.

Happy crafting :-)



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