Step 3: Design and Engrave

Measure the length and circumference of your dowel. In CorelDraw, set your canvas width to the length of the dowel, and the height of the canvas to the circumference. Of note, if you do not want your totem pole to have a seam, add some extra height for overlap. Just be sure that in those places at the top and bottom of your canvas that the actual engraving will not be in the same place. Also, keep in mind that the left edge of your canvas will be the top of your totem pole.

For mine, I wanted deep, sharp cuts. For this I found images that were 2-bit black and white with intricate detail. Once having the Laser and Rotary Tool setup, I found the side of my dowel I liked best and placed that facing straight up.

For engraving preferences:
     â˜ž Raster Only
     â˜ž 600 dpi
     â˜ž 20% Speed
     â˜ž 90% power
     â˜ž Center-Left Alignment
     â˜ž print area = canvas size (15½"x6½")

Note: Job took 57½ minutes.


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