Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of Materials needed
You'll need shredded paper, clear-drying glue, plastic wrap and an item (like another bowl) to use as a mold.
You'll also need access to water. If you don't like using your hands, then you'll want a foam paintbrush for the glue, which you can also use to paint your finished bowl (optional).

Step 3: Prep your Shred

Put your shredded paper in a bowl and sprinkle with water to moisten. Don't use too much water -- you just want the paper to be slightly damp so it adheres to the bowl more easily.

You can grab a handful of random paper from your junk mail shredder or more selectively shred paper of a specific color range.

Step 4: Forming the bowl

Picture of Forming the bowl
Put some glue in another bowl and mix well to dilute with water (3:1).
Coat your plastic-wrapped mold with glue.
Add a clump of shredded paper and smooth down with more diluted glue.
Cover the entire bowl with shreds of paper affixed randomly, stopping shy of the bowl's lip.
Brush the paper with another coat of the diluted glue and let dry.
Glue-paper-glue two more times, letting dry between each layer.