Decoupage Napkins on Furniture - Part 1





Introduction: Decoupage Napkins on Furniture - Part 1

There are numbers of ways to decoupage a furniture. In this video I taped the entire process of decoupaging a small piece of furniture with the napkins technique. It is an easy process that allow you to decorate or recycle anything and give it a new life.



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    You have a nice idea.    You might want to show less footage of sanding time. I wanted to see your next step, and it was hard to wait. It was very kind of you to share. Thanks!

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    Thank you for your nice comment. I take into account all critics. They help me improve in producing better videos. Take care!

    I agree. If you were describing it you would be much briefer about the "pedestrian steps" such as sanding. We as viewers and and students want to get to the more visual parts. I love your work, I wish I could be as thorough as you.

    What a fun project! I have an old dresser that I store my art supplies in. After seeing this video,  I have the urge to decoupage some designs onto it.

    Thee napkin you use, is it like from regular party kids napkins? or is it special decopauge stuff?

    Your kitchen cupboards are spectacular!!! so beautiful