Step 5: Decorative and Recycled Wine Bottles

Enjoy making and decorating with these recycled wine bottles. Use your imagination and the same process can be applied to glass jars, dollar store vases, thrift store finds, the options are endless.
<p>Very cool &amp; stylish indeed! :) Waw!</p>
<p>Yes, the grey paint is wiped off right after you put it on the bottle, this way the cream shows through and the grey pant sets into the grooves and crevasses of the design giving it that glazed look. Sorry that it wasn't made clear. Yes, Simply Belle Blog is my blog. Thank you .</p>
I love these finished products. one question - are you wiping the grey glaze off to leave the cream coloured bottle with Grey accents? that part wasn't explained in the instructions. otherwise, well done. is the blog that you link to your blog?

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