The western world's Winter chill is just beginning to strengthen its clutches throughtout, and with the holiday season just around the corner, as is the secret sinister sweater's league, gift giving from all around is about to sky rocket into overdrive.

You know the drill, Wrap, rip, repeat. With the occasional ear shattering, molar cracking scream evey now and again... But whomever would think to give no more than a second thought to that massive ball of colorful paper, shiny bows and adheasive tape left occupying half the room by mornings end? After all, a present's wrapping is but a flame beneath it's pyre, right? Wrong.

Enter, decoy wrapping. Poised to look the part of an innocently wrapped, absolutely and tremendously terrible gift, all while it's diabolical interior, is anything but!

Likewise, the technique used was perfect for, yet not limited to a power drill. Experiment with it yourself; find the most perfectly imperfect and terribly tremendous decoy that is sure to make that special someone squeal!

Step 1: Materials & Supplies

Besides the actual gift itself, All the materials used in the project will most likely be found already lying around your house. As far as the fake present, I personally decided on a power drill, not only did it work well with the shape of the iPod case, I also found it's form quite recognizable; and, unless you're the crafty type person like me, I'd find it to be rather unusual. (Then again, this is instructables.... Dammit!)

List of supplies:

  • A fake gift (for molding the decoy)
  • The real gift
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper (ordinary computer paper should suffice as well)
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Duct tape/Scotch tape
  • Plastic wrap
  • Utility knife
  • Wrapping paper
  • A bow (optional)
<p>I would do this but I would put a real gift, a decoy gift, or a favorite candy, maybe tickets to some event. I would not take that much time just to give an empty container. </p>
<p>Did you not see the first few pictures? He put an ipod in the bottom.</p>
I did see them but did not notice the iPod-silly me. Thanks. Happy Holidays.<br>
<p>Haha :) You too</p>
<p>This is my gift to a friend... who was not sure what to do with it, to open it or to run away.</p><p>Great 'ible!</p>
<p>awsome, the recipient must have been underwhelmed</p>
<p>Awesomeful idea!!</p><p>I decided to skip the paper mache and just put the present inside my drill's battery instead. The case holds together just fine without its screws in. I put part of a cardboard tube around the front end and the handle to make it easier to wrap.</p><p>My sister will be so excited! I think she saw me looking at this Instructable, so she totally won't be expecting it to be an actual drill :D</p>
<p>LOl man! ;) I have to try this next year !</p>
<p>Thanks! Great idea too, it's one thing to be surprised by a seemingly <br>obvious gift, but it's a whole other to be expecting the <br>unexpected and in turn, receive the expected, which in fact in itself, <br>is something unexpected!</p><p>It's like some evil crisscross double flop <br>diabolical mind game! Nice work!</p>
<p>Been doing this with my brother for a long time. This one is from christmas of 2011. His were quite interesting as well. Once he made an airplane with the present in the center. This one is the christmasBot. Not made from a real robot. We use cardboard and scraps to make the case not actual items..</p>
<p>Candy would work as weight instead of concrete, and it would be an addition to the gift. </p>
<p>Brilliant idea! Can't believe I didn't think of that.</p>
reinforcement required to hold the weight. fun to make.
<p>Nicely done, glad you had fun with it!</p>
<p>Hershey Kisses are nice and heavy.</p>
<p>Very cool, haven't done pranks lately because I ran out of ideas, tadaa, new ideas abound</p>
<p>I would love to get a hard-back copy of &quot;War and Peace&quot; into what looks like a Scotch whiskey bottle. Nice work!</p>
Impregnated with ALDI coffee pods afterwards. Fitted in perfectly.
I think this is great. My son is a hunter so I think I'm going to wrap a &quot;shot gun&quot; up for him
Great idea! I'm always trying to find ways to disguise gifts for my kids.
<p>I would not want to end up with knife marks on my drill when I cut the mold free. If I were to do this, I would use something a bit thicker &amp; more protective than just the two layers of plastic wrap. Perhaps a couple old socks or nylons or some sort of cloth ribbon wrapped all around first, not unlike is done for a human cast to help protect the skin esp when the cast is removed. Then the plastic wrap in between for release, so the cloth does not become part of the cast.</p>
<p>Still very cool idea. Gonna have to try it someday. Make a big one that looks like a vacuum cleaner, blender or mop (etc.) for one's wife or loved one with some very fabulous jewelry or lingere inside!</p>
<p>On Step #5: Releasing the Mold.</p><p>You don't need to cut the mold all the way just to get the object out.</p><p>You can cut partially then pull out the object, put reinforcements, insert the gift, close the mold, put more paper mache layers, then wrap the gift,</p>
<p>This is jus beautiful... Though, being instructables, I think a lot of us would be disappointed that it wasn't a drill. ;p</p>
<p>I made this for my father this year. He always guesses his gifts. I am hoping this one gets him. I used aluminum foil around the drill and coated it with clear packaging tape(the heavy duty stuff). It takes about 6 layers to make a form that stays, without the mache mess. I filled it with dried pinto beans for weight. It isn't quite heavy enough but it will work. The Bass Pro gift card is taped to the base. I swear it was more difficult to wrap the darn thing than to coat it in tape and cut it out, fill it with beans and tape back together. </p>
<p>Thanks for posting. I made mine out of insulation board and hollowed out the &quot;battery&quot; area to put the gift. It's the same thickness as the drill but less work. Also cut out a wood saw shape from coroboard. </p>
<p>When I was in the university, in a class we had to wrap plushies in plastic wrap, then with simple transparent tape. The resulting &quot;cocoon&quot; was surprisingly durable and it was much easier to make than papier-mache. You should try that as well. Also you shouldn't ask why I was making plushie cocoons in university. To this day, I wonder myself.</p>
<p>I was so inspired by your awesome idea. My twist on it got a LOT of laughs!</p><p>Here is the instructables, which also includes a movie of the guy unwrapping the &quot;gift&quot;.</p><p><a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Yankee-Swap-Prank-So-Bad/" rel="nofollow">http://www.instructables.com/id/Yankee-Swap-Prank-...</a></p>
<p>Love the idea of the contrast in presents! And besides the misconstrued drug bust, it looks like it all went over pretty well. ;) Excellent work, glad I could inspire!</p>
<p>Haha, this is such a funny idea!</p>
<p>This is genius. I usually hide gifts inside of other gifts, al'la russian nesting dolls, but this is just fun 'evil' that I will employ in future gifting. Thanks!</p>
<p>I can't help but ask, why are you giving someone an iPod touch 2G with no touch panel/glass?</p>
<p><em>Psst. Just between you, me and the entire internet... </em>It actually wasn't a real gift, I just used an old broken one I found buried in a drawer as stand in to demonstrate the process; I don't think I could actually be <em>that</em> evilto someone!<em><br></em></p>
<p>voila* </p>
<p>I see Haha, thanks for pointing that out!</p>
<p>This is so cool! I'm going to use this as inspiration for a Yankee Swap that I am going to this weekend!</p>
<p>You can also sub duct tape for the paper mache. It's a lot faster and less messy, but requires stuffing to keep its shape.</p><p>Great idea!</p>
<p>I never would have thought of that, great idea!</p>
<p>I've done things like this! It's a blast, and this is one fine instructable. One of my absolute favorite things to do for small gifts is to find odd containers at thrift shops, cut a hatch in them, stuff the gift inside and wrap the whole thing. I once gave a silk scarf stuffed inside a plastic banana.</p>
<p>This. Is. Hilarious.</p><p>I simply cannot *wait* to try this out! A simple concept, great result! Thanks for the idea!</p>
<p>Thanks and no problem, glad I could inspire!</p>
<p>What a simple and evil idea! Well executed, I'd love some suggestions for other good decoy items too. Bottles of wine are a very easily recognisable shape, that could be good for stashing smaller gifts in.</p>
<p>Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And yes, a wine bottle would make <br>make a great decoy! As far as some others, let's see, just off the top <br>of my head,</p><p>High heels</p><p>An iron</p><p>A guitar (Although I'm not quite sure of anyone who'd be particularly disappointed by this.)</p><p>A variety of tools have distinct shapes, e.g., hammer, wrench, screwdriver, <em>a power drill</em>... (Cross promo!), hand saw, etc. <br></p><p>Cleaning supplies, e.g., a vacuum (Big reveal!), spray bottle, broom, etc. <br></p><p>Pots, pans and kitchen equipment <br></p><p>Fitness equipment, e.g., weights, medicine ball, resistance bands, etc. <br></p><p>Garden supplies, e.g., watering can, shovel, rake, etc.</p><p>There's <br> a lot of things to decoy really! Maybe try taking a look around the <br>house as well. Just be sure to make it something they hate! <em>*cue sinister laugh &amp; diabolical thunder*</em></p>
<p>Some people use a glue and water solution for paper mache... I think it just dries up instead of spoiling, which the flour kind can if you leave it out too long.</p>
<p>Great idea! I love it. Thanks</p>
before seeing this, i had actually planned on taping my wifes best small presents to an ironing board, and then wrapping that up for under the tree... i can imagine her face on seeing it. come on... who gives their mrs an ironing board for christmas. i may even use this technique to make a &quot;wrapped iron&quot; for her too lmao.
<p>great decoy object :)</p>
<p>i'm a long time fan of decoy gift wrapping. this is a great choice for decoy object. p.s. love the squash in the background of the pictures :)</p>

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