Decoy Strawberry Rocks to Deter Bird Burglars





Introduction: Decoy Strawberry Rocks to Deter Bird Burglars

These painted strawberry rocks will fool pesky birds from stealing the real strawberries from your garden. The birds will be attracted to the realistically painted berries. Once the birds get fed up with the rocks, they'll leave your strawberries alone.

Step 1: Gather Materials


  • rocks (thoroughly washed and dried)
  • acrylic paints
  • paint brushes
  • toothpick to paint seeds
  • craft varnish

Step 2: Paint

First, paint your rocks red. Then paint small seeds on the rocks with the toothpick. Next, paint the green stuff at the top of your strawberries. To finish, apply 2 coats of craft varnish to protect the paint and to add some shine.

Step 3: Place Rocks in Garden

Place your painted strawberry rocks in the garden and fool those birds!



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34 Discussions

Hey! birds can understand what is what and what is what isn't!

They're so cute!

I supposed it would be most helpful if you put them out in the spring. That way the birds will have explored them and given up in frustration long before your real strawberries start to ripen.

They are super realistic !

This actually look so realistic. Legit

I was looking at it and was like wow how stupid their just strawberries from the supermarket and now I know their rocks and I'm like wow how stupid I am:,)

Coz of MrE's comment I looked around for other tutorials. I found in fact two old original (i.e. own pics) tutorials, but dare I say that your strawberries look the best. Really a job well done

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