Deep Dish Taco Pie





Introduction: Deep Dish Taco Pie

I was looking through the refrigerator and found a couple of packs of dinner rolls about to expire...what to do with them ? I used to make a deep dish hamburger pie using bisquick dough and figured why not take that idea and run, here's what I did

Step 1: Gathering

The list of ingrediants is short.
 2lbs of ground beef (sub in turkey or chicken if your prefer)
 steak sauce
 worchesshire sauce
 taco seaoning
 2 packages of dinner rolls
 can of tomato soup  (not pictured, I though to add it after I added the taco seasoning to the meat)
 chopped onion
 chopped pepper
 grated cheese (chedder in this case)

Step 2: Into the Frying Pan

warm up your frying pan, add in the onions, peppers and ground meat, salt and pepper to taste, I like to add my steak and worcheshire sauces during the cooking, brown and drain your meat mixture and then add in the taco seasoning, can of tomato soup and any other seasoning you desire, stir and simmer for about 10minutes

Step 3: The Crust

using a paper towel or napkin smear a layer of grease on a medium baking dish, I used margarine, you could use butter, bacon drippings or even cooking spray. Open your packages of dinner rolls and press them into the dish overlapping as needed to cover the whole dish

Step 4: Fill and Top

take your warm meat mixture and pour over the rolls/crust filling the space to about a half inch from the top then cover the meat with a layer of shredded cheese, I like chedder but the variations are many and up to your tastes. Place in dish in a preheated 350f oven for 20-25 minutes or until the rolls are nicely browned

Step 5: Ready Set EAT

Pretty simple step here, dish out a portion or portions and add a fork...enjoy. Next time I think I'd cover the dish with tinfoil for the first 5-10minutes because the bottom rolls were a little under cooked but it was very tasty all the same. My sister the culinary school grad suggested placing the dish on the lowest rack of the oven or even directly on the bottom of the oven to help cook the bottom. Makes sense...



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    this is biscut dough not dinner rolls, these are two totally different things. Also this recipe need the amounts need for each item . it only say what is needed not how much.

    biscuit dough is flour, water and lard, anything that comes from a pop open package is a dinner roll, at least in MY dictionary. I seldom give exact measurements, first because I don't cook with measurements and secondly because my "ibles" are guides NOT RECIPES. The skillet had 2 pounds of ground beef (stated), it looks like I used frozen peppers and onions so it was probably around half a package of each or 2 medium bell peppers and one medium onion, 2lbs of meat would mean 2 packages of taco seasoning according to the package, a couple tablespoons of steak and worchestershire sauces.. thank you for caring enough to comment

    Thank you for leaving a comment on this "ible", this is a very tasty dish that I've made several ways since publishing this "ible", it's as good with ground turkey or chicken as beef and any number of pop can doughs work

    That looks very nice! Great instructable :D!

    Thank you TC, this is one I plan on repeating on purpose

    I think I'll have to try this for dinner tonight--though I have no fridgie rolls, so i guess I'll have to go back to your bisquik base. Still pretty simple. Thanks for it!

    Hi, please let us know how it turns out for you.Some of the simplest recipes seem to be the biggest hits with kids, combining things you know they like in unusual ways like macNcheese with taco meat, diced tomatos and onions or baked beans w/ the same additions served over cheese toast. Some experiments can be abject failures or get less than steller reviews. Thank you for commenting

    this is a nice one, going to try extra dough to thicken the crust a little more, favors were great. The family and I will be having it on the weekly menu

    Thanks for the comment! Like I said in another reply you can change the filling to change the dish, use chili seasoning and cornchip topping to make chili pie, chicken cream of X soup and veggies for open faced chicken pot pie, a couple cans of beef stew etc etc... I think if you use another package of rolls you wouldn't have to spread them so thin or possibly prebake the (shell) for 10minutes or so before adding the already cooked filling, that would allow the rolls to puff a little more AND address the soggy bottom. Im glad you and your family enjoyed it, please post any changes you make or feel free to make an "ible" of your own version !