Step 4: Assemble Pie

Now it's time to put it all together.  So simple, isn't it!
  • Take your pie crusts and put some ice cream inside.  Don't put too much in the full pie, a nice layer of up to an inch should do it.  
  • For the big pie, I put ice cream in a bowl first and smushed it up so it would be easier to put in the pie.  While the crust seems pretty strong, I didn't want to risk smashing it to pieces already.  I also used a knife to spread it in the pie pan after I put it in.
  • Sprinkle your pie topping on top of the ice cream.
  • Lastly, drizzle on some honey, it makes all the difference!  (It's kind of hard to see the honey in the pictures, but it's there!  Don't put too much now, a little goes a long way.  Best way to handle this, is put some on one of the minis and eat it and decide if you need more or less.)

oooh! I miss fried ice cream. I would love to try this, but I just started a no-sugar diet in the hopes to take off at least some of my baby weight. :( I will definitely tuck this away for a treat, though (hopefully soon). ;)
I hope you get to try them some day! They are delicious but so unhealthy and addicting :)
Looks amazing, I might try it this weekend!
Oh, I hope you do! They are so tasty. What I think is really nice is I made up a bunch of the mini crusts and then just put them in a container (without any filling) and they stayed crispy for weeks! It was pretty nice to just be able to pull out a crust or two when I wanted and put in a little scoop of ice cream and top with cinnamon sugar corn flakes with honey :)
Probably a lot less fattening without the real deep frying experience. :) Looks delicious.
I would think so :) And it is still just as tasty!
wow...this looks so mouthwatering...will surely try it :-) <br>
Sounds great! I love the mini pies...everything is 20% cooler when it's mini! :)
I totally agree :D
That looks delicious. Can you make it for us when you come to visit?
For sure! Any excuse to eat it :D

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