Step 4: Crush the corn flakes

Place the corn flakes into a zip lock bag.  You want to crush these bad boys up, but not until it is a dust, but more so into smaller pieces. Once you got these crushed, place them in a shallow dish. 
This sounds just like the wonderful ones I use to get at a small mexican cantina in Calif. The one thing different which was quite awesome was they served these in a floured cinnamon tortilla shell which made a percect bowl for your treat. I suppose lining a cupcake tin with flour tortillas and baking in oven unti<br> Crispy and able to hold their shape would work. Then they topped it with whipped cream spri kled more cinnimon on that and it was amazing. They may have even dwep fried the tortilla shell but i dont know how you get it to shape like a fluted bowl. It was crispy cinnamon flavored and you ate the bowl too. Cant wait to try this out
OMG! That's soooo genius!
I agree use honey thats how they do it in the Mexican resturants
I make my fried ice cream by coating ice cream scoops in crumbled mud cake (The cooked stuff, not batter.). I had some caramel mud cupcakes that didn't turn out how I planned. They made the BEST fried ice cream! I used some left over ice cream cake for my scoops. It's so yummy I didn't need any topping at all.
On the first step you mentioned that it was possible to use a deep pot if you don't have a deep fryer... How would that work?
Ahhh I'm glad you asked, because I have photos! I used a sauce pan and heated the oil to like 350. You want it nice and hot to flash fry the cereal. Make sure to use a lot too so that more than half of your ice cream is submerged in oil.
Great recipe!<br><br>I dont have a thermometer. :(<br><br>How long does it take to heat the oil to 350 degree?<br>
Thanks! You can just leave it on Med High to High. Then try dropping a cornflake in. If it starts frying up real good, then that's probably a good indicator it's ready. <br /><br />If it's not very sizzly, don't put the ice cream in yet, the oil is not hot enough, and once you put the ice cream in, it will cool the oil down, thus leaving you with an oily creamy mess. Make sure it's nice and hot! Good Luck.<br /><br />You could also just go to your local grocery store too. I think I got mine for like $3.99 from Safeway here in CA.
Thank you for the information :)
This step should come along in the middle too. &quot;To prepare yourself to eat yummy goodness, lose a couple calories first.&quot;<br><br>great instructions, im looking forward to my deep fried icecream
oh its guilt at it's finest. and lemme tell you... Guilt is DELICIOUS!
&quot;Bust some crunches out after to minimize guilt&quot;<br>hahhahahhaha<br>I need to start a several diet after this all.
melt some maple and walnut ice cream and then add pree cooked bacon and re freeze???
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm very Delicious
Diabetes in a cup wow!
isnt it great?!
This pic is making me crave icecream like nobodys business as for the earlier mentioned bacon mmmm bacon i just ate like a ton of maplebacon again mmm bacon. oh wow there ya go maple bacon icecream lol... Thanks for the recipe I havealways wondered how this was done. Def gonna make.<br>
I am very tempted to try making a bacon ice cream. When I do, you know where to find the results!<br /><br />Good luck with your deep fried snackies!
thanks a lot! my brother ask me about this delicius ice cream ball. I will make then inmediately <br>
Did you make 'em? How did they turn out?<br />
Large pizza and CSI. life is good :)
Oh yeeeeaaaahhh
This is yummy, my kids have bugged me to make this for years I refuse. my buddy went to &quot;Rocky Marciano's Deep Fried Ice Cream&quot; years ago and said it was incredible.<br><br>Their trick is super cold icecream, dipped in a nice pancake or donut batter, (almost the same thing), which is frozen in place almost then dropped into the vat of oil. And more oil is what you want or the icecream willl warm it up too fast.<br><br>Maybe I will relent on this , cause this looks way way too good . My fat cells and cardiologist are both yelling at me I can hear htem!!!!<br>ciao
I really want to try the "batter" approach next time. The cornflakes almost give it a "waffle"cone ish type of texture, which is awesome. But I would like to try something more on the "fluffy" side.<br /><br />Unfortunately, step 10 comes with every batch of deep fried ice cream "dealing with the guilt"<br /><br />If you make it, be sure to post a picture!
Guilt is for those who are too good. I am, as george thorogood says, &quot;Bad to the Bone&quot; ! Guilt free and fat as a water barrel.<br><br>ah well, wuchagunna do I just love to cook and eat. <br><br> Take pancake batter (scrath recipe ) add some fine milled oatmeal (say 1/4 cup) to 3/4 cup white flour, add some cinnomin , ginger and nutmeg, extra sugar (say 1/4 cup) use two eggs (extra large or jumbo's , and 3 tblspoons oil. beat oil into egg yokes like you were making mayo, whipp the egg white to stiff peak, add 3/4 to 1 cup of whole milk into the eggs and add tble spn vanilla, then add flour mixture mix well fold in egg whites. keep that on ice (like double boiler situation, but ice not hot, under the bowl. Have ice cream really hard , (my freezer does 0 to -10 ) , dip in the stuff , you could refreeze, or not, then into waiting oil.<br><br>mmmmmmmmm<br><br><br>gotta go, wifie and I are going to din din!<br><br>ciao<br><br>
hahahhah! <br /><br />Thanks for the batter tip. I think ima try that next and post the results either in this comment thread, or if the results are different enough, a whole new ible with credits to you, of course.<br /><br />
that mess takes at least a teaspoon of baking powder, (not soda), as much as a tablespoon, (could be tooo puffy). You may want to remove a measured tble of flour from it, and add same of corn starch or (and) add 2 tblespoons rice flour. If you do you may find you like the mouth feel better.<br><br>for a faster (perhaps) proof of concept take a nice vanilla cake mix add extra vanilla, separate the egg yoke from the white, beat whites to stiff peak, beat oil into egg yokes (first) then add liquid, (use whole milk), then vanilla , flour mixture asdirected , then fold in egg whites.<br><br>you could also use chocolate mix, but add 2-3 tblesoons MORE coco and tspan vanilla , I do not really like brownies but you could use brownie mix as well, (you may want to thin that though)<br><br>good luck in your mission to clogg your arteries! I will stopping by at 8 with wife and kids for coffee, don't worry I 'll bring truffles and a cake!<br><br>
Thanks for the recipe, gonna try it out this month/maybe next month if gas doesn't go too high!
grrrrrrreat ible.
tony the tiger approves, even though i didnt use frosted flakes.
This is one of the best i'bles I have seen. Thanks for the tips (especially Step 10) and thanks for the entertainment. :)
THANKS! My boyfriend deals with the guilt by exercise. I only the other hand am impervious to guilt and will continue to eat more ice cream as I lay on the couch and watch him do sit ups. go ME! But really, thanks for the wonderful compliment!
This 'ible was great! I love the pictures and the fact that there are a lot of them. I asked my fiance if he would like to try this out and whoa, he went quiet. I guess he was wondering how it would taste. I guess even I wont know until I make some!
How will it taste? The best way I can describe it is.... hot and warm cinnamon waffle cone around cold ice cream. It really tastes amazing!
An alternate recipe I used many years ago was to add oatmeal to the cornflakes (about 1 cup oats to 3-4 cups cornflakes), along with white and brown sugar (about 3/4 to 1 cup each - but I didn't use cinnamon) - then instead of an egg wash between layers of the dry coating, I used honey. Otherwise, I made them much the same... and they are delish!
oh, honey? interesting. Does it create a hard shell or is still "chewey" Using honey is a great way to turn it vegan if you use vegan ice cream and flakes!
honey isnt vegan, its an animal product. Ice cream isnt vegan, its an animal product.
oh hrm. i never thought of honey as an animal product, but yes, i suppose your right! Don't they make vegan soy based ice cream though? <br />
they make stuff they call ice cream... but it isn't the same by a long shot. And, depending on the bees and the honey (whether you eat the comb or just take the liquid), it is either bee puke or bee poop you're eating. So while it is an animal product, they don't suffer or lose anything by its loss... but the same could be said of milk (in fact, a cow who isn't milked will often drink her own milk because it gets painful if it goes too long without release)... yet another couple of reasons I find vegans to be a bit off in their thinking.
modern managed cows need to be milked every day because they are bred by man to produce milk, and they are bred by bulls to be permanently pregnant and almost permanently lactating. Wild bovines don't do this.<br>
Wild bananas aren't edible. Wild dogs and wild cats don't make very good pets. Wild stallions travel through time to finish their class assignment and check out bodacious babes.
Lol great reference.
That's awful interesting... cause I grew up in rural areas of Texas and Louisiana, and I saw wild cows do it all the time...
It is a bit crunchy and a bit chewy; the oats tend to soak up the honey and stay chewy... but the honey glazed corn flakes are crispy/crunchy.
Another alternate I have tasted but never made myself is to use a tempura style batter, a very thin coating of it... not sure how they kept it from melting the ice cream, as it was a very thin coat of liquid only, but it was awesome!
I think when doing the Tempura method you go directly to the frying, skipping the refreeze, since you're dealing with a batter instead of a crust. Also while the frying done here is quick, Tempura frying is usually quicker then deep frying.
yum! this looks totally amazing! i am a bit terrified of frying in oil after not taking your advice above, and burning my face with hot oil (no joke), but i'll come over any day if you're making it!
Jazz came up to me and was all "why didnt you bring any in?!" <br /><br />a few reasons<br />a) it wouldn't have made the trip bc it would have melted<br />b) carrying a deep fryer on a train....not fun<br />c) i would have devoured all the ingredients even before i could assemble it. <br /><br />

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