Introduction: Deep Fried Stuffed Bitter Gourd

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Benefits of bitter gourd:
  • Bitter gourd is a popular vegetable in some Asian countries, where the health benefits of the plant are well-known—particularly, its ability to lower blood glucose in diabeties.
  • Bitter gourd can protect the body from other non communicable diseases.
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Step 1:

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Take 7 to 8 small to medium sized bitter gourds...

Step 2: Cutting:

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Make a Lengthwise cut on one side of the Bitter Gourd, being careful not to cut completely.

Step 3:

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Then take out the seeds completely, and keep the seeds aside. These seeds can be used with the stuffing.

Step 4: Marinating:

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# Take one table spoon of Turmeric powder and salt and mix them well

# Apply this mix on inside and outside of the Bitter Gourd.

# keep it for Half an Hour to marinate.

Step 5: Ingredients for the Preparation of Masala

Picture of Ingredients for the Preparation  of Masala
  1. Onion medium sized 5 numbers
  2. Garlic cloves about five numbers 
  3. Turmeric powder one table spoon
  4. Cumin seeds one table spoon 
  5. Fennel Seeds one table spoon
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Bitter Gourd seeds which were kept aside earlier
  8. Oil for deep frying

Step 6: Grinding:

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Cut two onions in to small size and keep it aside.

Make a paste of all other ingredients in a mixer / grinder 

Step 7:

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  • Heat little amount of oil in a Frying Pan.
  • Put the Onions (cut in to small Pieces) into the oil and fry it for some time.
  • Then add the Ground Ingredients into the pan.
  • Add little amount of Chili powder and salt in to it.
  • Mix it and fry it for sometime until the Masala cooks.
  • Fried Masala is ready.
  • This is what we are going to stuff in the Bitter Gourd.

Step 8: Stuffing:

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Then stuff the Fried masala into the center of Bitter Gourd.

Step 9:

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# Then tie the bitter gourd with cotton thread, so that the fried masala will not come out while deep frying in the oil.

Step 10: Deep Fry

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  • when the oil is hot, drop each piece of stuffed Bitter Gourd gently in to hot oil and deep fry for about two to three minutes till the Bitter Gourd cooks.
  • You can fry five or six pieces at a time based on the size of your frying pan.

Step 11:

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# transfer it to a plate when the Bitter Gourd is deep fried.

# remove the thread.

# There will be no Bitter Taste In this Deep fried stuffed bitter gourd.

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