I like to stay away from trendy Halloween costumes.  What's worse than showing up to a party dressed the same as someone else?  I also like to make or build as much of the costume as possible.  If you are reading this Instructable, you probably agree that's the best part!

This year I decided to become a deep-sea diver.

Materials in the helmet:
- 12" cardboard Earth globe
- 3pcs 4" rubber taillight grommets (found at Princess Auto)
- 2 stove trim rings (small)
- medium-duty hinge
- pill bottles, random knobs
- spray paint (copper and leather colors)
- optional: iPod, 9V battery, white & blue LEDs, on/off switch

Materials in the rest:
- white painters suit
- white gloves
- carpeting knee-pads
- black boots
- 2 leather belts
- 2" wide elastic
- styrofoam sheet (large enough for chest piece plus some extra)
- Great Stuff expanding foam (1 can was enough)
- carpet tacks
- duct tape!

Step 1: The Helmet (building)

The 12" globe was one of the few parts I knew I would need.  The rest was mostly scrounged from my scrap bins or found by chance wandering through surplus stores.

Once I had the taillight grommets and stove trim ring taped in place where I wanted them, I traced with a marker so I would know where to cut.  I happen to have a set of large hole saws and one fit the grommets pretty good.  The face and neck holes had to be enlarged with a jigsaw.

The grommets and inner ring were then Gorilla Glued in place.  I highly recommend this glue.  It bubbles and expands to fill gaps, but dries super hard.  I sprayed some Great Stuff expanding foam (a new favorite building tool) to smooth the gap in the trim ring.  A sharp knife cuts the cured foam like butter.  It was a dream to work with.

I found a good looking gate hinge at the hardware store.  I cut it to fit the trim rings then drilled holes and mounted to the inner ring with rivets, and the outer ring with screws and nuts.

I also added a cardboard collar that would slide into the hole I would make in the chest piece.
<p>This was a great tutorial and was very helpful. Here is a pictures of what I made. </p>
<p>Fantastic! I'd say you outdid mine. :)</p>
But what if you change the cardboard globe for a plastic globe. I need this information because I want to make an old fashioned diving helmet that looks real and actually goes under water. Real diving helmets cost a lot, around 1000-2000 dollars.
<p>Use a 5 gallon Water bottle (office water cooler style) and cut the bottom out just enough to get your head into it. Then youll need to add ~50 lbs of ballast to your belt as that is what the 6 gallon diving bell is going to displace. Youll need to rig a suspension over the top of bell attacched to your belt so it doesnt float off your head. If you want to run a fresh air bubbler from the surface, bring the line in under the rim. This is not real safe as you could pass out under there from CO poisening. real divers have a closed system or they bring in the air at the same pressure as the sea water at depth to maintain the balance.</p><p> <a href="http://www.wists.com/thumbnails/a/50/a505d0f040a26fcd0fd6a9b4f63329cf-orig" rel="nofollow">http://www.wists.com/thumbnails/a/50/a505d0f040a26...</a></p>
I assume no responsibility and don't actually think it will work, but give it a try! Make sure to test it well first. Let us all know how it goes.
<p>Hi, great costume. <br>Just wanted to know where you found the cardboard globe? Been looking all over for one and no luck. </p>
<p>It was years ago, but I think it was Walmart/Target/Sears, etc.</p>
This is really cool. I am going to a 'creatures of the deep' themed Halloween party and this has inspired me to attempt something similar.
that's beautiful!! You can make also a <a href="https://www.google.com/search?q=bioshock&safe=off&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=muc9Ur--E-HG4gSom4HwDA&ved=0CEUQsAQ&biw=1536&bih=864&dpr=1" rel="nofollow">Bioshock</a> costume!
Add some fake seaweed and a glow stick inside and you are a Scooby Doo villian.
Very cool! Admirably easy too! Great job!
congratulations for the work
Ah HA!<br><br>A globe!<br><br>I'm making a sort of steampunky astronaut costume, and wanted a deep-sea diver style helmet, but was stumped on a good looking but cheap way to make it... But this is PERFECT. I'm ripping off your helmet wholecloth. :) Thanks for this instructable!
Feel free! It's sad that costumes only get worn once a year. At least if there are more than one it's like wearing them more!
If you make it air tight and remove the electronics and put an air hose and an outlet valve, then can you really go under water like 0-10 feet?
Since the globe is made of cardboard, you wouldn't last very long under water with it!
That's awesome.&nbsp; I like how you used a globe for the helmet, very creative.<br> <br> -AI<br>

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