This year we decided to make a mermaid and pirate costume... however everyone dresses like pirates so we thought it would be cool to be a mermaid and deep sea diver.  The only problem I found is that every deep sea diver costume is really lame.  The best helmets I found were home made.  But before I get into any of these steps I have to thank users on these blogs.  I would have never completed this costume without the help of three write ups, one on here and two from other sites.  Seeing how they made their helmets helped me with ideas for mine.

Step 1: Planning

This portion probably took about 60% of the time.  I started the helmet in mid September maybe working on it an hour here and there and finished 10-19-12.  Much of the time was spent surfing the internet to decide what style helmet I was going to make along with what parts are on a deep sea helmet and trying to hunt down materials.  But I'm a firm believer that being prepared for the task at hand will end in a good result.  After I decided to choose a style that looked like the Mark V diving helmet I had to take measurements to figure out ratios needed for parts. The only drastic change I made from my plans was the height of the collar.  It started off at 3" and ended at 3/4".  Also the width from the neck to the side of the shoulder.  It went from 6.5" down to 2.5" at the narrowest section.  I decided to use a 12" acrylic light globe for the helm.  It was the cheapest to get and the size worked out perfect with my math.

Parts list
12" Light globe               $17.00
Dickies Coveralls           $19.00
Suspenders                    $21.54
LBE belt                            $7.68
Gold paint                         $5.98
Bronze paint                     $5.98
Killz paint                          $4.99
Liquid nails                      $4.99
PVC 1/2 elbow                 $0.79
PVC 1/2 cap                     $0.25
Oak buttons 2packs       $1.78
2 blue leds                       $3.99
Toggle Switch                  $0.89
9v battery housing           $0.39
9v battery                           $2.64
galvanized sheet 3'x2'     $9.99
1/2 wood screws             $1.49
L fasteners 3 packs        $6.97
machine screws 1/2       $3.98
machine nuts                   $3.98
small brass hinge           $1.49
OMG! You could take this and give it a &quot;broken air hose&quot; that sticks up into the sky, and make a kind of &quot;bubble tree&quot; sticking up from the hose end, then you can add a plexiglass sandwich that has some water in the center as a new window for your faceplate. You could even make two more for the left &amp; right windows, and connect all 3 as though they were a &quot;water level&quot; measurement instrument, then as you tilt to the left &amp; right, the water line will move to stay the same across them. You could reach up to grab the hose like you're &quot;in trouble&quot; for photos. Maybe you could put some helium into the broken hose end to make it float up? <br>
You could tint the water, blue, green, or blue-green with food coloring.
Turned out very cool, looks real!
Brilliant. <br>
Seriously cool. As a scuba diver I would totally wear one of these and I applaud the level of detail!
Neat costume and, of course, amazing helmet! You should enter it in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Scoochmaroo-Challenge-Masks/">Masks Challenge</a>!
Aw man... I have to wait a whole year until next Halloween to make this???? No way, I'll find an excuse. Great job!
Thanks for the comments, I hope this will help anyone in the future with their own build. It will be exciting to see how people take these ideas and run with them to make something even better! Overall I couldn't be happier or think of anything I would want to change, the costume came out great and we had a blast. We did enter a few costume contests, and at one place won second; but the best part about the costume was the amount of people that stopped us to take pictures. I plan on building a few more for fun and now that I built it once making one of these in one weekend wouldn't be a problem.
Really nice! I always thought those were creepy is such an appropriate costume. Adding a mermaid makes a great couples costume. :-)
This is a truly amazing build, and a great Instructable as well. I hope that there were prizes because you should've walked home with the first.....
What a bloody great build! I had been toying with building one for next year, but other people's build were a lot more work. (Though the looked great too!). Details and especially the parts list are greatly appreciated! And being able to take off the helmet and leave on shoulder pads. <br> <br>Verrrry nice.....

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