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Introduction: Deep Sea Tray

There was an old corroded metal tray laying around....nobody was using it because it was obviously an embarrassment!  I felt sorry for it and thought to give it a new life :-)
As this was done long before I started doing instructables I didn't take step by step pictures...however...I have taken as much pictures as I can of the finished product and added some instructions on it you may reproduce something like if  you so desire.
Let me know if you don't understand ....and  I'll be happy to help :-)
It would be cool if for valentine you could like have tiny messages and little hearts and likes inside the tray too! let me know what you think  :-)



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Very Nice ! Very impressed, love to do art work with sea shells, thanks for posting!

Your welcome!...yes I love it you can see from my profile picture ..My sister wants to try and recreate the same for instructables...and asked my permission to do I said go ahead! as it would be a nice tutorial for all seashell lovers :-) only wondering when she would put it up!haha

This is so pretty! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

You are always welcome :-)

Really beautiful job, well done and thanks for sharing.

Thanks for appreciating! :-D

Well, it's certainly not an embarassment now, is it? Makes me wish I had a beach
house! :)

Do you have to live in a beach house to have a deep sea tray?? :-) you can have a pot pori tray with dried and scented flowers...I plan on doing one someday...or you could have beads :-)

This is beautiful, creative and it's obvious how artistic you are! Great job...awesome you found a new use for that!

Thanks for the wonderful compliment! it's always great to hear from you :-)