Picture of Deepsea Murloc Hat
Deepsea murlocs appeared in Azeroth after the Cataclysm.  They can be found in the depths of the Great Sea in areas like Vashj'ir, just off the coast of Khaz Modan and Stormwind.  Unlike their amphibious coast-dwelling cousins, deepsea murlocs are seemingly blind, have a monstrous underbite, and sport a bioluminescent growth at the end of a tendril sprouting from their foreheads.

I like how they look and think a deepsea murloc makes a great hat.

I collect cashmere and other types of wool sweaters from thrift stores.  I wash them in hot water to felt them, and use them to sew warm things for my family.  Cashmere is softer and floppier than other types of wool.  You could use another fuzzy fabric for this hat if you like. I've included a pdf pattern for this hat so you can make your own. I'll also explain my process for creating the pattern in step 1 in case you'd like to try your hand at making your own pattern.

I considered having the bioluminescent globe actually glow; I considered embedding a UV led in epoxy mixed with glow powder, coating it with more epoxy and glow powder until it was a decent sized teardrop shape.  I could easily attach wires to that LED, run them through the forehead tendril, and attach them to two AA batteries.

I don't want batteries in my hat, though, especially since I plan on wearing it outside in the snow.

I used felted 100% cashmere for most of the hat, some polyfil batting for the insides of the appendages, craft foam for the spikes, and cotton flannel for the teeth.
Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle! RwlRwlRwlRwl!
MartaK11 month ago

I made a plushie with this pattern for my boyfriend. It's awesome! :D

Mrglglglgl power!

Do you sell these hats? i would buy one from you. Price???
morganskye2 years ago
Just so my head is on straight, the pattern does not include the seam allowance, correct?
Rowen273 years ago
Am I the only one who is ever so slightly tempted to move the jaw to the back of the head, and add some top teeth, so as to make it look as though said murloc is trying to eat my head?
1 awesome drawing 2 I LOVE IT!!!!!
Great ible, the only thing that would make this cooler would be a lamp in the light front. you could use an LED inside the stuffing with a battery in the leg or something and a switch on the claw of a leg. If I make one though, I may be stuck making many more...
deathmango3 years ago
Wonderful, wonderful instructable! So well documented, with photos (even with your "help" from the offspring, tee hee), patterns, and text. You should be proud -- you did a terrific job on a creative project and also on teaching the rest of us a method for making something from scratch. Lovely!
anglerfish3 years ago
One suggestion. Add a light to it.
love it!!! I never thought of repurposing old sweaters this way - excellent idea.

Fifteen years ago, I painted one of these (the longer, skinnier species) on our mailbox. We also had 6 pet chickens named after sea creatures at the time
canida3 years ago
I adore this hat.
Gregbot3 years ago
Excellent and inspirational!
crossfire3 years ago
So creative and amazing! I have only played the trial of Wow, and i didn't really like it; but even then I still find this really cool!
That is really creative! Awesome job and awesome idea!
The Rambler3 years ago
Haha, I love that you used crayons in your concept drawings. This hat is amazing. I have a brother-in-law that would love it.
Wow thats a nice drawing, especialy with crayons, good ible :D