Picture of Deer Antler Back Scratcher
Do you want to make your father something easy that he will love well here you go
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Step 1: Get Materials

1 dowel 2 drill 3 drill bit as big as dowel 4 antler 5 empty shot gun shell

Step 2: Cut Tines

Picture of Cut Tines
You need an end section of the antler

Step 3: Cut Dowel

Picture of Cut Dowel
My dowel is about 17 in long but that's up to you

Step 4: Drill Antler

Picture of Drill Antler
Drill antler about one inch deep

Step 5: Add Dowel

Picture of Add Dowel
Hot glue dowel into antler

Step 6: Make The Handle

Picture of Make The Handle
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13, 9:48 PM.jpg
13, 9:48 PM.jpg
13, 9:48 PM.jpg
13, 9:48 PM.jpg
To make the handle crimp the shell closed and push inside to open up inside

Step 7: Glue Handle To Opposite Side Of Dowel

Fill the shell with glue and insert dowel