I bought a new dremel 3000 and had extra deer antler. Also my key chain just broke all tools used came with my dremel tool a lot of the things I did to my antler tine are optional you can use your imagination but ill take you through the process on mine

Step 1: Antler

Find ,buy , or somehow obtain an antler it can be deer,elk,moose it does not matter. I used whitetail deer antler from a buck I took last fall .

Step 2: Own a Dremel Tool

You can use a dremel like I did or some other tool that most of you already have

Step 3: Cutter

This is what I used for cutting antler (it has a. Verry interesting smell while cutting I wouldn't suggest breathing it in ) find a piece you like on it and start to cut it off

Step 4: Engraver

I did some engraving on mine you don't have to but I also used my engraver as a drill for the hole to put the leather in for the keychain part

Step 5: Sanding

I did a small amount of sanding at the top of my keychain right where the keys go

Step 6: Leather

I used leather to hold the keys on the antler just use a drill or if your like me and don't own one use an engraver tip then run the leather through the hole and tie a knot after you add the keys


P.s. also can make for a good poker and scratcher
P.s.s also my first instructable :)
But once again total respect I may be wrong so
I'm sorry I respect your opinion but I beg the differ. from nature is green I believe and a deer is defiantly natural . It wasn't plastic or anything harsh for the earth was it?
<p>Sorry it doesn't seem to me like this should be in the &quot;green&quot; project. Seems quite the oposite actually</p>
Thanks and that is a great idea like a bright hunter orange
<p>just a thought .. If you want to add a touch of color to your keychain, you can use your dremel to undercut your engraving slightly and then pack it with either sugru or a sugru substitute (plenty of Ibles on how to make your own) and once it hardens the undercut will keep the inlay from popping out.</p><p>Nice job on your first Ible .. keep them coming.</p>

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